How it works

The Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit is a resource built on a number of theories, including those of Sir Isaac Newton and Max Plank, who discovered that colour travels in either waves or particles; also Goethe’s theories about colour and psychology and how we make our colour choices based on what we need to reflect on. I have drawn on a lot of ancient wisdoms too from early civilisations, like the Egyptians and Greeks who used colour in their healing temples; from spiritual teachings such as Kabbalah and even sayings we use in everyday life, tying science and spirituality together to create this unique toolkit for helping people with present day challenges.
This is a Coaching Toolkit developed to enable your client to hear their inner guidance so you can help them easily identify steps towards possible solutions.

Our toolkit is a rainbow of colours that enables your client to:

  • reflect on who they are,
  • focus on their natural abilities (whether seen or hidden) that can help them overcome challenges,
  • give them some insight into what’s happening here and now,
  • help them see what they could achieve if they got out of their own way.

From an array of 23 beautiful coloured yin and yang shapes, the therapist invites their client to choose just 8 to reflect on during this snapshot in time. This is the moment they have chosen to stop, reflect and to find their own solutions from within, with your help, as a skilled Rainbow Reflections Facilitator, to decode their colour choices.

Even as they sort their shapes into pairs, as a trained Facilitator you will use your new-found knowledge of the language of colour to notice a pattern emerge. Then, as you speak to them about each one in turn, the insights their colour choices have given you allow you to gently uncover the ‘thing’ they really want to resolve. Together you can then explore how they might do that. Remember it’s not always the ‘thing’ they present with that’s the ‘thing’ that needs resolving.

It's a beautiful, colour full, system with no pre-set combinations. Clients are invited to select the colours they are drawn to most, including colours they might not like but grab their attention, without any intrusion from the therapist (or anyone else).

Although your client might not be ready to look at the deepest level at first, you will now have an insight from their colour choices into some of the possible roots of their challenges and gently ask the most helpful questions.

Even the most quiet or closed down client will be showing you something you can open your consultation with and bit by bit, using your other skills as a therapist, you can take it from there to help them move forward.