New course dates for this year will be announced very soon so keep checking back for updates. Courses will be held ‘in person’ rather than online. We’ve been apart for far too long and humans need the connection that happens when we get together, especially on these courses.

If you want to learn how to use the Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit as a beautiful USP in your existing therapy practice, or if you want to come on a course for your own self-development, I would love you to get in touch or even just press book now and I’ll speak to you (or see you) soon.

The Pebble

This is a one day introduction to the language of colour and is the pre-cursor to the next level, Ripple in the Pond, or a one off fun day of self-exploration looking at the basic meanings of colour in everyday life.

Rainbow Reflections Training

Level 1 – Ripples in the Pond

Here is where you will be given your building blocks to begin your adventure with colour and how its associated meanings can help you and your client gain greater clarity by interpreting their colour choices. We will look at the history of developing the Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit as a facilitation tool, the science behind it, words associated with each colour and how colours might be being shown to you that aren’t in your clients selection; we will even look at the ancient wisdoms that underpin it all. By the end of this course you will have been shown how to give a basic interpretation of your friends colour choices and see how, once you have completed the courses, you will be able to work with the Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit in your day to day practice.

Rainbow Reflections Training

Level 2 – Diving Deeper

On day one of this course you will be given your own basic set of shapes from the Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit. Now that you have built your strong foundations from the Level 1 course, you can begin to look at things in much more depth. This course offers you a deeper dive into each colour by giving you deeper understanding of the different levels colour operates from, even more words associated with colour, the information from your client’s colour choices that is hidden in plain sight and how all of that can be interpreted to allow your client to find their way forward using gentle coaching questions. By the end of this course you will be able to use the shapes you have been given from Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit in much more depth with friends and family.

Congratulations! At the end of this course you will now be a fully qualified Rainbow Reflections Facilitator and able to use the full Coaching Toolkit to help your clients find their way forward in life. It is a beautiful unique selling point that is an asset to your business.

Rainbow Reflections Training

Level 3 – Full Circle (optional)

This additional level consolidates all that you have learned so far, it offers suggestions of appropriate coaching questions around your clients colour choices, ways to lets your clients express themselves by using their colour choices, things to observe and opportunities to practice, practice, practice. If time permits and if there is interest, we may also explore the Tree of Life and Numerology.