My name is Linda Fennessey and for many years I helped people bring the colour back into their life. Now I am excited to be able to teach others to do the same.

I want to enable people, whether you are a talking therapy practitioner who wants to really help your clients uncover their own abilities and/or what might be holding them back, Or maybe you just want some daily guidance/self-development opportunities for yourself.

I want to offer you a beautiful colour full tool that can help; and I would love you to allow me to train you on how to use it.

Way back, when I was a child in the 1970’s, my dad brought me the most simple present that, unbeknown to both of us, shaped what I would do so much later on in life. A set of little rectangular Perspex shapes in all different colours; it was a sample set that was no longer needed from one of the salesmen in his workplace. I absolutely loved it and spent long periods of time just sorting them into ‘order’. Two colours in a set, laid out in a line until I ran out of pieces. I just knew what felt right together and what really didn’t. And it would change week by week or sometimes day by day. This lasted well into my later teenage years when we moved house and they were lost during the move (although I suspect mum may have had a hand in ‘decluttering’).

Fast forward into the 1990s and I started to study the hidden meanings of colour, from the theories of Sir Issac Newton, Goethe, Plank, as well as systems with a more spiritual element; it all just felt like coming home. Colour can offer us so many insights if we know how to translate the language. I’ve used it to great effect over the years in my own coaching practice. And I have now developed the unique Rainbow Reflections Coaching Toolkit as a tool to help you do that too.

Now it is time for me to enable people to understand this language for themselves; time to offer the unique selling point I’ve enjoyed for years, so you can benefit from it too in your own life or practice.

These Rainbow Reflections Training courses are brand new for 2020 so if you want to be one of the very first people to have this resource in your toolbox then just let me know. I look forward to meeting you soon.