Welcome to the first book in The Colours of Sparkle series designed to introduce you and your children to the hidden language of colour.

There are so many things that our colour choices can reveal.

It's such a beautiful way for you to be able to connect more deeply with your children when you understand that hidden language they're showing you, for example, when they pick what to wear or which pencils or crayons they choose to colour in with.

It is a wonderful and inobtrusive way of beginning a conversation about their day or how they are feeling.

I'm so glad you didn't miss out on this freebie and as you are an 'early bird' you get to keep the free access to this introductory e-book even when it becomes a 'paid for' e-book for everyone else.

I hope you enjoy it and if there's any questions, about how to understand in greater depth how to connect with your kids using the language of colour, just email me.

You'll find me here: linda@rainbowreflections.co.uk

Just click on the link below to start.